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john clarkson

Dr John Clarkson




Graduate of the Otago Medical School (N.Z.) John is a Life Member and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice; Fellow of the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine; Analytical Psychotherapist; Neuroscientist, entrepreneur and Author residing in Perth, Western Australia.

John, although not a Psychiatrist, undertook an alternative educational pathway and currently consults locally, nationally and internationally in the field of Neuropsychiatry, endeavouring to add value, diagnostically to an individual’s mental health evaluation, by undertaking the most scientific approach possible.

John is also the medical director of the Neurodiagnostic Centre, past member of the Advisory Board of Notre Dame Medical School in Fremantle, and a non-executive director of the Global Mind Screen Group. He actively presents to the public and profession on a variety of topics, ranging from conditions such functional brain imaging, mood and anxiety disorders, (particularly Social Anxiety Disorder), Adult ADHD, and brain insult and trauma, together with numerous lifestyle topics.


The Neurodiagnostic Approach

 This is achieved by the incorporation of sophisticated online computerised & confidential information gathering systems such as the Neurodiagnostic Patient Questionnaire [NPQ], the Neurodiagnostic"stimulant" Questionnaire [NSQ] and a unique Mental Health Assessment programming software, the Global Mind Screen [GMS].

Dr Clarkson, despite acquiring extensive patient input prior to the consultation, prefers not to review the results of these, until the latter part of the initial consultation. This approach allows him to "see the patient afresh" and without any prior “preconceived” ideas concerning the patient’s past diagnoses, treatments or labelling.

Following the clinical interview, it may be deemed necessary for appropriate patients to undertake functional Brain Imaging [i.e. SPECT] to complement the information acquired to complete their global mental health analysis.

Only once the Neurodiagnostic evaluation process is complete and collated, will a position be reached to formulate the best 'tailor-made' medication and treatment program for the patient. To date, this assessment methodology has produced positive mental health outcomes in patients often 'let down' within the current system, or as is so often the case, have been put into the "too hard" basket, despite the previous endeavours of several mental health professionals.


"Ascertaining 'an accurate early psychiatric multi-diagnostic profile' is the cornerstone of successful mental health outcomes!" Dr John Gerard Clarkson - 2016


Welcome to the Neurodiagnostic Centre

"Providing a neuro-scientific approach to modern psychiatry”


Our Philosophy

The Neurodiagnostic Centre [Dr John Clarkson] has undergone a change in direction from 2016 and act as a Mental Health Advisory Service [Clinical Neuropsychiatry] with patient’s ongoing care and management being continued by their primary General Practitioner.

This advisory service, while available to all over the age of 16 years, has been designed predominantly for adults who have struggled with emotional and behavioural disorders over the years and who feel that they are still having symptoms or concerns not resolved to their satisfaction, and which continue to impact negatively on the quality of their lives.

Finally, it is the resolve of the Neurodiagnostic Centre to approach every patient as a unique individual in a caring, professional and compassionate manner.

Dr John Clarkson





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